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Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm EDT
about blackrock. etfs have been enormously successful. this is the way to invest for transparency, tax efficiency, and yet it seems like vanguard keeps undercutting everyone on price. it s there a price war going on? >> not really because the market is evolving. first of all, fees are just one component of etfs. this is a stock. some etfs have much wider bid. that should be a component of how you analyze an etf cost. also, most etfs are indexed products. no one is focusing on what is the tracking error. i could tell you our i-shares etfs have far better tracking than our competitors. we've done a very good job. some of the products where there's a difference in fees, we have tracking -- a better tracking, as much as 40, 50 basis points. so i don't believe -- i think as etf become more kmodtized by nature, you're going to see a decline in prices. but the reality is that, you know, worldwide, we're the leader in etfs. we're the leader in europe. we're the leader in asia. we're the leader in south america. we still remain to be the largest leader in the united states. vanguard is a great
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
taxes on wealthy citizens. germany could be next. thousands of people across germany turning out in force this weekend. pushing for new taxes on wealth and financial transactions. demonstrators demanding a fair redistribution of wealth to combat a widening income gap. despite those protests in germany, european markets were higher today. but markets here in the u.s., well, they couldn't hold on to the bigger gains. although 70 points, bob pisani, not a bad return for day one of the forth quarter. >> yeah, i thought it was okay. the reason for the rally, folks, the new orders component of the ism, first data we get on september, was better than expected in growth territory. i thought that was good, modest rally. we were up much, much more earlier on. take a look at the dow jones industrial average. mr. bernanke came on, gave an interesting press conference, didn't say anything new bullet sort of sold into him as he came on and never really regained the earlier leads we had in the day. a couple of on observations, mar maria. the major sectors, the dow was up but well off the highs
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
an opportunity tonight. three other big economic issues they're going to be talking about, first of all, on taxes. mitt romney hasosed a 20% across the board rate cut for individuals, but he hasn't specified how he's going to pay for that without increasing the deficit or increasing the burden on middle and low-income workers. president obama will press him on that. by the same token, p obama says he wants to cut the corporate rate from 35 to 28. he hasn't specified how he's going to pay for that. on jobs, you can expect to hear mitt romney talk about on net since january 2009 when barack obama took office, hardly any jobs created. barack obama will talk about a time line beginning in early 2010. since then, 4 million private sector jobs have been created. finally, medicare, the big issue threatening go bankrupt the budget long term. mitt romney is proposing a substantial change that would include vouchers. he hasn't said how much they'd grow over time. president obama has not said whether or not he's going to propose the same kind of changes like raising the eligibility age for medicare that he
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
taxes for ten years. last week, nancy pelosi implied that there was no security at the embassy in libya was because the republicans had employed cuts in that area. they understand the economy is not helpful to them. i would remind the governor that the republican congress has spent many, many job creating bills to the democratically controlled senate and harry reid has refused to let them get to voted on. >> governor romney, the consensus is he came out ahead in the debates. do you think he's going to be able to sustain that momentum? has he energized the base? >> he's clearly energized the base. i was just in denver speaking to a conservative group there. i've been doing some women for romney events. people are clearly very fired up. what they saw was a fantastic debate performance by governor romney. what they also saw was a contrast between someone and governor romney who understand the fooacts and could relate th to every day people's lives. president obama, it wasn't just that his performance was listless. president obama, there was though substance there. you always hear the expre
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4